Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kanga-J Slipcover

This is the original SSC in an Amy Butler Coriander print.

I love seeing the different fabric people like to do customs with. Some of it is more closely aligned with my own personal tastes, however. =) This is one of them. This print is Mocca by Alexander Henry; which you can see I have chosen to use in the past for other projects and SSC Metamorphosis. This lovely carrier underneath it is a Kanga-J, from
Bloo Kangaroo, the owner sent me her custom fabric and let me choose the reverse side which is also by AH, a print called Hollywood.

Here is the inner of the carrier with the velcro sleeping hood flipped up. The slipcover is fully reversible so you can switch it around and wear either side.

I love these two prints together. Who says flowers and geometrics don't match?


christinaleigh said...

This was my Kanga-J that Jessica created a slipcover for. I am so pleased with it, even more than I expected. Jessica did beautiful work and was so quick! I can't wait to pick the next fabric to make another slipcover with or to find another carrier for her to make-over!

TattooedMama said...

You are too kind Christina! I love your taste in fabric! =)